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Environmental Resolutions for 2015 – AMA Waste Group

Posted on by Mark

With the New Year now in full swing, we’ve decided to take a hard look at how we, and our customers, can work to make 2015 a great year in waste management. It’s true, last year was a fantastic year both in the waste management industry and here at AMA Waste Group, but we are determined to keep pushing on to bigger and better things in the coming months.

So, without further ado, here are AMA’s top five New Year environmental resolutions for us, and you, to follow in 2015:

Recycling – we talk about it all the time here on our blog, and our staff are pretty keen to chat about it too, but there’s always more that can be done to boost the UK’s recycling rate. In the battle to both be green and responsibly manage our waste, recycling is the best tool we have; it’s effective and so easy to do. This year make a conscious effort to recycle a little more, put things in the correct bin, use your council’s recycling centers, and together our small efforts will add up to a big change.

Food waste – it’s been mentioned previously in a blog post by AMA, but food waste is a continuing problem in the UK. Both the fault of the shops and us consumers, we all waste far too much, even though the numbers are coming down. Supermarkets have promised big changes to come, and so with their help and a little conscientious shopping from us, we can all help to reduce food waste this year.

Industry waste – another big topic for us recently, businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, are still either producing too much waste or not managing it effectively. This year we can all make a difference by encouraging our bosses and colleagues to start recycling more and producing less waste. Speak to your boss about installing recycling bins, operating battery-recycling schemes and ask about how they dispose of waste – is it just thrown in the bin, or handled properly and professionally?

Environment – containing our other resolutions, but altogether broader too, we want 2015 to be the year that people take care of their environment. More than just recycling, people should think about using companies with greed credentials, cutting down on unnecessary trips in cars and stamping out and reporting flytipping, to name just a few ideas.

Responsibility – this one might seem a little preachy, but let 2015 be the year we all just take care of our waste. All year round you will see stories in the news about people not taking responsibility, whether it’s through flytipping, illegal waste burning or even all those people abandoning their tents at Glastonbury. This year if you have a lot of waste then hire a skip, if you’re holding an event then hire portable toilets, building a house then get site clearance. You get the idea – take care of your waste, and help clean up the environment for everyone.

We’re also going to add on a sixth resolution, just for us. Throughout 2015 we’re going to keep providing all the same great services as before, all with a smile from our friendly staff, and keep bringing you interesting and insightful news via our blog. This might sound a bit of a cop-out, just doing what we did last year, but trust us; it’s not as easy as it looks!

Hopefully if all we all stick to our environmental resolutions, this time next year we will be living much greener, more waste-free lives.

Have a great 2015!

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Having A Pollution-Free Bonfire Night

Posted on by Kirsty

Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes Night, November 5th, whatever you want to call it – it’s great fun. One of the rare times of year when rules seem to slip and health and safety takes a back seat – there are very few people who don’t enjoy the warm glow of a bonfire and the “ooh, ahh” of a fireworks display.

 Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from

There’s a lot of fun to be had standing out under the stars with family and friends on a cold November’s night – a rare treat in today’s TV and computer-centric world. Amazingly through, less than a third of adults take part in any bonfire activity in the UK, although that third do spend up to £300million on it, according to some surveys.


Still, despite the seemingly universal joy that comes from fireworks, there are a few downsides to November 5th, as we’ve been looking into.


How To Minimise Air Pollution


Big fires, public explosions and unhealthy food – Bonfire Night is a welcome break from the normal constraints of society, and a much-needed opportunity to get warm in November. That’s not to say, of course, that all of the rules go out the window, despite what some people seem to think.


Bonfires, to many, seem to represent an opportunity to get rid of unwanted furniture and garden waste that’s been hanging around. Essentially just legalised fly tipping, people throw all sorts into their bonfires, often causing more damage than they would have if they’d actually fly tipped it.


More air pollution is caused on Bonfire Night in the UK than is produced in a whole year from all of the country’s waste incinerators – a genuinely startling fact – and in 2010 Bonfire Night alone accounted for 3.6% of all UK emissions.


This staggering amount of pollution is caused mostly by people burning unsuitable items on their fires. Treated and painted wood, as well as fabrics and chemical waste can release harmful substances into the air when burnt – whilst burning damp garden waste produces smoke which traps the pollution at ground level, increasing the risk of you and your guests being exposed.


Not only do bonfires help make the world a smoggier place, but fireworks can also seriously affect air quality. Fireworks displays can dramatically increase the amount of metals and chemicals in the air, and in big cities such as London these can reach dangerous levels.


It is possible to get less toxic fireworks, but these are not in widespread use and will probably cost considerably more than normal ones. The best way to keep your Bonfire Night both healthy and environmentally friendly is to attend an organised event instead of hosting your own– meaning only safe wood is used and you won’t be contributing to the UK’s total number of fireworks yourself.


Staying Safe On Bonfire Night


Bonfire Night is a great chance to get family and friends together – with fire, fireworks and food offering something for everyone. With a lot of people in one slightly dangerous place, you will need to make sure that everyone is kept safe and that your event runs without a hitch.


To help keep all of your guests safe, it is important to follow the Firework Code. There are various versions of the code that have been put together over the years, but the RoSPA provides one, as well as lots of other tips on how to stay safe around fireworks –


Generally, not just because of the pollution we spoke about above, it’s a good idea not to put any chemicals on your bonfire. Using only clean, dry wood will minimise the risk of sparks, bursts of flame and accidents, whilst also cutting down on smoke at ground level.


How AMA Can Help


If you do host a Bonfire Night party, whether big or small, AMA Waste offers services that can help. With skip hire and site clearance available to help tidy away the aftermath of your party, right through to portable toilet hire to help accommodate guests, we provide all you need to ensure everything runs smoothly.


To find out more about everything AMA Waste offers and how we can help you to arrange a perfect Bonfire Night bash, get in touch by calling 0845 4757 934 or clicking the contact button on our website.


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Have an environmentally friendly Halloween

Posted on by Kirsty


Around a quarter of adults in the UK will actively take part in Halloween this year, spending an estimated £300million in total on sweets, costumes and decorations. This record spend puts Halloween up there as our third most expensive holiday just behind Christmas and Easter, but ahead of Valentines day – not bad for an event barely celebrated in England only 30 years ago.


True, we’ve been marking this day for centuries as part of Christian tradition, but only recently have we adopted the American, consumer-driven, version. Just like Christmas, Halloween is now mostly about the children, with a huge market building up around costumes and sweets.


Sadly, lost amongst the fun and frights of Halloween, there comes a cost. Aside from even the staggering millions we spend, almost everything to do with the spookiest day of the year has a big environmental impact.



The Perennial Problem With Pumpkins


Enormous numbers of pumpkins are sold in the UK each year, as many as 4,000,000 according to some, and most of these in the weeks just before Halloween.


Rarely do us Brits make good use of the pumpkins that we buy, choosing sadly just to make our decorations and then toss the remains. The vast majority of our pumpkins are used for carving out the iconic jack-o-lantern, and almost 99% of the vegetables meeting their end this way.


All this carving produces quite a bit of waste and, according to some surveys, a lot of us don’t even compost our pumpkins. Whether this is because we view them more as a decorations than the vegetables they are, we can’t say, but they can definitely be composted. Cut them up once you’re done with them and compost away – you could even grow next years’ pumpkin in the remains, how’s that for recycling.


Before it comes to composting the remains though, what can you actually do with a pumpkin? Well, cooking is an obvious choice. Our American cousins are eager to turn pumpkins into food of all kinds, most famously the pumpkin pie, and would doubtless be heartbroken to know how wasteful we are with their favourite veg.


Many of us will claim that we don’t like pumpkin without even trying it, but it can be turned into all sorts of delicious things, from pies and breads through to curry and sweets. Why not look up some pumpkin recipes to try out for Halloween treats?



Environmental Cost Of Costumes


Pumpkins aside, there are all sorts of ways to make your Halloween a little greener.


The majority of decorations and costumes available in shops are made of plastic or rubber, and themselves come in plastic packaging. That much plastic obviously creates some environmental issues, not only from its production, but also the huge amount thrown in the bin each year.


To counteract this plastic menace there are loads of resources online to help you to make your own ‘green’ costumes. By using old clothes, recyclable materials or even just reusing old costumes, you can save both money and the environment. The same applies to decorations too, with paper, cardboard or fabric making far more responsible alternatives to plastic.


Perhaps even more damaging than all the costumes and decorations we buy are the sweets. You might imagine that one tiny sweet couldn’t do much damage, but when you multiply that by the millions that are handed out in just one night to ‘trick or treaters’, the potential is huge. Massive quantities of sweets are bought for Halloween, each individually wrapped in plastic and foil – creating staggering amounts of waste.


Making your own treats, or giving other non-plastic gifts, will help you do your part, though perhaps won’t make you any friends amongst the neighbourhood kids. It’s worth considering the laws about what you can give out to the public too, especially as far as food standards are concerned – though it would provide a handy way to get rid of all that extra pumpkin laying around.


In truth, the key to a green Halloween is the same as any other time of year – recycling. Decorations, costumes, sweets and pumpkins can all be recycled, reused or composted, and doing so will save thousands of tonnes of harmful waste from going to the UK’s landfill sites.


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Portable Toilet Hire For Building Site – Rules and Regulations

Posted on by Emily Mitchell

If you’ve spent any time at all browsing our site or speaking to our staff, you’ll be aware of our portable toilet rental service. Whether you are a building contractor yourself, arranging a music festival or holding even a small local event or party, the benefits of renting portable toilets are pretty clear to see.

What often aren’t so clear are the times in which you must, by law, provide portable toilets – rather than just as a service or convenience to guests. Often it is a legal requirement that toilets be provided for workers on a building site, and if you have employed some to work on your house, for example, that burden can fall on you.

So, to clear things up a little and to give you an idea of what is expected and required on a building site, AMA will give you a little look into the surprisingly complex world of portable toilets.

Do I have to provide portable toilets for a building site?

Helpfully, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE to you and I) have issued all sorts of guidelines over the years to help both businesses and their clients to make sense of the law.

According to the HSE: “If you are a client (but not a domestic client, i.e. you or your family live in the building under construction) then you must ensure that your contractors have arrangements to provide adequate welfare facilities for construction workers.”

What this roughly means is that if builders are working on a building for you, on your land, it is your responsibility to either provide facilities or to make sure that the contractor is fulfilling their obligations to provide them. Now, there are all sorts of caveats, conditions and exclusions to the rules, but mostly you will need to simply ensure that there are the correct facilities, the right number of them and that they are conveniently located on site for workers to access.

For small domestic jobs, you will likely only need to provide toilets, some small washing facilities (sinks with running water) and drinking water access. It is recommended that one toilet is provided for every seven workers, and these can be unisex as long as they are individual, lockable stalls – each obviously with an ample supply of toilet paper.

Portable Toilet Hire For Large Building Sites

When it comes to bigger jobs, sites on a larger scale than your back garden, perhaps involving tens or even hundreds of workers, the facilities needed are much larger.

In addition to the one toilet for seven people rule, which can result in hiring a huge quantity of loos, you may well need washing facilities, showers, changing rooms, resting space and cooking areas – pretty much building a whole little town to serve the construction site. Not just that, but even the type of construction can affect what you need – with specialist equipment needed on hazardous or toxic sites. Plus, all necessary facilities need to be in place before any work begins, even before destruction of existing buildings and site clearance.

Even then, the job isn’t quite as simple as setting up a shed to get changed in – every facility needs hot and cold running water for both washing and drinking, heated rooms (especially in the winter), lockers for valuables and much more. Obviously it is highly unlikely that an individual client would ever need to supply these things, but they are a very real proposition for contractors.

How Can AMA Help?

Whilst all the above might seem like a bit of an overwhelming list, there’s no need to worry about the hassle of at least ordering everything you need for your site. For jobs big and small, from private customers to nationwide businesses and established building contractors, AMA has products and services that can suit all your needs.

For smaller jobs, our range of portable toilets for hire are perfect, allowing you to cater for a small team of workers on your site. Not only do we provide standard portable toilets, but luxury cabins, toilet blocks and urinals – catering for events, parties, festivals and weddings alike.

Using both AMA Waste and AMA Container Hire we are able to offer a full suite of on-site facilities for larger undertakings too. From containers converted into offices and staff rooms through to shower blocks and canteens, we provide almost every amenity that you might need. When combined with our toilet hire, AMA provides the complete package.

Not only do we have everything you could need, but also we can get it to you quickly, easily and completely hassle-free. With next day delivery and UK-wide coverage, thanks to over 1000 depots spread throughout the country, we can provide what you need, when you need. If you aren’t yet sure what that might be, you can give our friendly staff a call to discuss your needs and get to the bottom of exactly what your site might be missing.

To find out more about our portable toilet hire and our container office space and container facilities, call today on 0845 4638 437 or fill out a contact form online. For more information on the HSE guidelines, visit

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Leading The Way On Exceptional Waste Management Service

Posted on by Emily Mitchell

Many of our blog posts at AMA focus on just how great our products are, why you need them and what they can do for you. This time around we thought it was time to talk about just how we conduct our business, the service benefits we offer and just how we differ from our competitors.

From experienced builders to corporate buyers and first time renovators, everyone knows that building can be stressful and is often subject to problems beyond anyone’s control. People go to great lengths to find reputable workers, people who won’t let them down on the job, so why wouldn’t you do the same with your skip and waste management provider?

AMA’s Rules Of Great Waste Management Service

In the past, AMA Waste has worked with some massive clients and household names, helping them to make a success of their businesses. From Tottenham Hotspurs to McDonalds, Tesco through to the London 2012 Olympics, our skips and our staff have played their roles in some very high-profile work, giving you the confidence that we can come through when you need us.

Whilst some of our competitors offer no guarantees about their services or products, at AMA we want our customers to have confidence that we can help when you need us.

To keep your job on time, work running smoothly and to avoid any unnecessary stress, our service focuses on three key points:

  1. Nationwide Service – No matter where you are in the UK, we can get to you. Whether you need a skip in Truro, a grab lorry in Camden or container hire in Inverness, we can help, whatever your needs. With over 1000 depots nationwide, you are never far away from an AMA worker, happy to help and supply your site. Shorter distances between our depots and you also helps to reduce transport costs, a saving we pass on to you.
  2. Next Day Service – With some of our competitors operating waiting lists and others limited by only having a small number of depots and workers, AMA are one of a very few companies that can provide next day service. Whether you get let down by another supplier or your plans change at the last second, a quick call to AMA can see you in receipt of everything you need as soon as possible.
  3. Expert Staff – Many companies will claim their staff to be experts or specialists, but at AMA we know that ours are some of the best you can find. Aside from being genuinely very knowledgeable about all areas of waste management and being able to advise you on what you need for your job, when you first call you will be assigned your very own account manager. Each time you call you can speak to the same member of our team, someone who gets to know your exact needs – how’s that for personalised service!

With more reasons than ever to use AMA Waste Group as your waste management provider and on-site equipment provider, why not get in touch today. Fill out a contact form or call us today on 0845 4638 437 for more information on all of our products and equipment, and try out our customer service for yourself.

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Helping you with your waste management for events

Posted on by Emily Mitchell

From music festivals to circuses, corporate events to village fetes, wherever people gather, waste is produced and needs managing.

No one wants their event to be spoilt by any problems, or for their visitors’ memories marred by any easily-avoided issue. Few things will spoil an event as quickly as poor waste management, litter piled up and inadequate toilets for guests. Sadly, these issues are often overlooked, but at AMA we aim to help you through the minefield of event management.

We offer a huge range of excellent waste management solutions to meet any need or budget. From wheelie bins to skips, grab lorries and man-in-a-van site clearance options, we work to help with any problem you have. In addition to that, lots of our products are available both for rent or to buy, giving you the option to buy permanent features for recurring events.

Everything for waste management with one company

It’s easy to forget, but for any event people will need access to toilets and other facilities. Most outdoor events and building sites, and even work on your own house, will need toilet facilities brought in, as required by law, and often this will be the organiser’s responsibility. Not supplying these can lead to fines and legal problems –something no event manager wants.

Whether you need 100 toilets for a major event, 10 on a construction site or even luxury toilets for a wedding or corporate occasion, AMA can provide exactly what you need.  All of our toilets are thoroughly checked and cleaned before we provide them and are all fully compliant with health and safety regulations. We are also able to offer you toilet blocks, showers and urinals – a full solution to any needs you might have.

AMA Waste Group – The reliable choice for waste management

At AMA we try to be the most responsible and reliable company that you do business with, from our nationwide coverage and next-day delivery to our 80% recycling rates and possession of all the latest certificates and licenses.

All of our staff are experts in waste management and will be able to help you with more information on any of our products. Unsure of what you might need? No problem, just give us a call on 0845 4638 437 or complete the contact form on our website.

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The Dangers of Handling Hazardous Waste

Posted on by Emily Mitchell

You may well be aware that AMA are nationwide skip rental specialists, but we have so much more to offer alongside. Whilst some jobs may need a skip, a grab lorry or muckaway lorry to remove conventional waste, what options are available when your job involves hazardous substances?

Well, here at AMA, we can offer you our professional hazardous waste collection services, designed to make the task as easy as possible for you.

Hazardous waste removal can be a tricky prospect. Naturally, everyone involved wants to be sure that the waste is being treated as safely and effectively as possible, meaning that there are all sorts of laws and regulations that need to be followed.

As more and more hazardous waste is created worldwide through increased industry and construction, it can sometimes be tempting to take the easy option and to illegally dump your waste. The downsides to doing this can be very prohibitive though, such as damage to your site, harming your workers and even hefty fines and prison sentences if you break the law.

How AMA Waste Can Help With Handling Hazardous Waste

With the help of AMA Waste, hazardous waste removal doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

Our teams of fully trained professionals follow every law and regulation when dealing with your waste to make sure that we meet your needs as safely and efficiently as possible and to assess your needs.

Obviously it is important that you follow all the directions and guidelines given by the Environment Agency and any other body first. One of the key things to do is make sure that before you contact us you have all your documents and records in order and that your waste is being stored safely and securely. With everything in order on your end, all that’s left to do is get in touch with us here at AMA Waste.

When we deal with conventional waste we are adamant about dealing with it in the most effective way, recycling as much as possible, and we follow the same principles dealing with hazardous waste. Everything we do is done to the highest standards to not only follow the law but also protect our environment and your business.

So, when you know that your job will involve hazardous waste, remember that AMA can help you at every step of the process. With our helpful staff and professionally trained teams, there is no reason not to use us to make your job easier.

To find out more about our hazardous waste removal services, and any of our other products, get in touch with us today via the website or by calling 0845 4757 934

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New Year, New Plans

Posted on by Emily Mitchell

Happy (belated) New Year from all of us at AMA Waste Group! Hopefully you all had a lovely break over Christmas and have made lots of (and maybe even broken some by now) New Year’s resolutions and are now back at work, busy planning what is sure to be a fantastic 2014.

Whatever you dream of doing this year with your business, chances are there will be a related amount of waste and storage needs, we can guarantee that AMA Waste Group can met your business waste management needs. From 20ft storage containers to luxury portable toilets for a wedding, topsoil for the garden to enormous 40ft ro-ro skips, we have everything you need to make your 2014 project a huge success.

We offer a wide range of different aggregates to help with any part of your job, container hire for storage, office space, canteens and more, a huge array of site clearance options and all types and sizes of skip. Not just that, but our skips and containers are available both for hire and to buy, helping you to make the most of our equipment and suit it perfectly to your requirements, big or small.

Browse our website for details of all the great business waste management services and products we provide, and if you have any questions at all, just call or email us and we will be happy to help!

AMA Waste Group – Here to help!

The good news is, once you’ve settled on your needs and been blown away by all the many ways that we can help you, our service is sure to convince you of why we think we are the best in the business. With AMA Waste Group there is no reason at all to not make us your go-to supplier for all things waste, aggregate and container.

With complete coverage across all of the UK, regardless of whether you are doing a one off job or are a national company completing work all over the country, we can get your supplies to you, hassle free! Landscaping a garden in Devon? Buying for a council in the north east? Not a problem! We are able to suit any demand in any area of the country and with more than 1000 depots nationwide, help is never far away.

On top of always being nearby, our next day services mean that we can get you supplies and services as soon as you need them. Let down by another supplier? Don’t let work stop, just call AMA and we will plug the gap and get you back to work and back on schedule in no time at all.

Speaking of calling us; each of our account managers at AMA have direct phone numbers, meaning that every time you call us, for any reason, you will get through to the same person, giving you the ultimate in personalised service and a staff who understand your needs. Why deal with complicated, automated call centres or frustrating online order forms when you can speak to the same friendly team member each time, assuring you of the best service available with unparalleled stock and delivery.

Call us now on 0845 4638 437 to discuss your needs, big or small, and to find out why we should be supplying you for every job in 2014 and beyond!

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