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Environmental Resolutions for 2015 – AMA Waste Group

Posted on by Mark

With the New Year now in full swing, we’ve decided to take a hard look at how we, and our customers, can work to make 2015 a great year in waste management. It’s true, last year was a fantastic year both in the waste management industry and here at AMA Waste Group, but we are determined to keep pushing on to bigger and better things in the coming months.

So, without further ado, here are AMA’s top five New Year environmental resolutions for us, and you, to follow in 2015:

Recycling – we talk about it all the time here on our blog, and our staff are pretty keen to chat about it too, but there’s always more that can be done to boost the UK’s recycling rate. In the battle to both be green and responsibly manage our waste, recycling is the best tool we have; it’s effective and so easy to do. This year make a conscious effort to recycle a little more, put things in the correct bin, use your council’s recycling centers, and together our small efforts will add up to a big change.

Food waste – it’s been mentioned previously in a blog post by AMA, but food waste is a continuing problem in the UK. Both the fault of the shops and us consumers, we all waste far too much, even though the numbers are coming down. Supermarkets have promised big changes to come, and so with their help and a little conscientious shopping from us, we can all help to reduce food waste this year.

Industry waste – another big topic for us recently, businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, are still either producing too much waste or not managing it effectively. This year we can all make a difference by encouraging our bosses and colleagues to start recycling more and producing less waste. Speak to your boss about installing recycling bins, operating battery-recycling schemes and ask about how they dispose of waste – is it just thrown in the bin, or handled properly and professionally?

Environment – containing our other resolutions, but altogether broader too, we want 2015 to be the year that people take care of their environment. More than just recycling, people should think about using companies with greed credentials, cutting down on unnecessary trips in cars and stamping out and reporting flytipping, to name just a few ideas.

Responsibility – this one might seem a little preachy, but let 2015 be the year we all just take care of our waste. All year round you will see stories in the news about people not taking responsibility, whether it’s through flytipping, illegal waste burning or even all those people abandoning their tents at Glastonbury. This year if you have a lot of waste then hire a skip, if you’re holding an event then hire portable toilets, building a house then get site clearance. You get the idea – take care of your waste, and help clean up the environment for everyone.

We’re also going to add on a sixth resolution, just for us. Throughout 2015 we’re going to keep providing all the same great services as before, all with a smile from our friendly staff, and keep bringing you interesting and insightful news via our blog. This might sound a bit of a cop-out, just doing what we did last year, but trust us; it’s not as easy as it looks!

Hopefully if all we all stick to our environmental resolutions, this time next year we will be living much greener, more waste-free lives.

Have a great 2015!

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