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Portable Toilet Hire For Building Site – Rules and Regulations

Posted on by Emily Mitchell

If you’ve spent any time at all browsing our site or speaking to our staff, you’ll be aware of our portable toilet rental service. Whether you are a building contractor yourself, arranging a music festival or holding even a small local event or party, the benefits of renting portable toilets are pretty clear to see.

What often aren’t so clear are the times in which you must, by law, provide portable toilets – rather than just as a service or convenience to guests. Often it is a legal requirement that toilets be provided for workers on a building site, and if you have employed some to work on your house, for example, that burden can fall on you.

So, to clear things up a little and to give you an idea of what is expected and required on a building site, AMA will give you a little look into the surprisingly complex world of portable toilets.

Do I have to provide portable toilets for a building site?

Helpfully, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE to you and I) have issued all sorts of guidelines over the years to help both businesses and their clients to make sense of the law.

According to the HSE: “If you are a client (but not a domestic client, i.e. you or your family live in the building under construction) then you must ensure that your contractors have arrangements to provide adequate welfare facilities for construction workers.”

What this roughly means is that if builders are working on a building for you, on your land, it is your responsibility to either provide facilities or to make sure that the contractor is fulfilling their obligations to provide them. Now, there are all sorts of caveats, conditions and exclusions to the rules, but mostly you will need to simply ensure that there are the correct facilities, the right number of them and that they are conveniently located on site for workers to access.

For small domestic jobs, you will likely only need to provide toilets, some small washing facilities (sinks with running water) and drinking water access. It is recommended that one toilet is provided for every seven workers, and these can be unisex as long as they are individual, lockable stalls – each obviously with an ample supply of toilet paper.

Portable Toilet Hire For Large Building Sites

When it comes to bigger jobs, sites on a larger scale than your back garden, perhaps involving tens or even hundreds of workers, the facilities needed are much larger.

In addition to the one toilet for seven people rule, which can result in hiring a huge quantity of loos, you may well need washing facilities, showers, changing rooms, resting space and cooking areas – pretty much building a whole little town to serve the construction site. Not just that, but even the type of construction can affect what you need – with specialist equipment needed on hazardous or toxic sites. Plus, all necessary facilities need to be in place before any work begins, even before destruction of existing buildings and site clearance.

Even then, the job isn’t quite as simple as setting up a shed to get changed in – every facility needs hot and cold running water for both washing and drinking, heated rooms (especially in the winter), lockers for valuables and much more. Obviously it is highly unlikely that an individual client would ever need to supply these things, but they are a very real proposition for contractors.

How Can AMA Help?

Whilst all the above might seem like a bit of an overwhelming list, there’s no need to worry about the hassle of at least ordering everything you need for your site. For jobs big and small, from private customers to nationwide businesses and established building contractors, AMA has products and services that can suit all your needs.

For smaller jobs, our range of portable toilets for hire are perfect, allowing you to cater for a small team of workers on your site. Not only do we provide standard portable toilets, but luxury cabins, toilet blocks and urinals – catering for events, parties, festivals and weddings alike.

Using both AMA Waste and AMA Container Hire we are able to offer a full suite of on-site facilities for larger undertakings too. From containers converted into offices and staff rooms through to shower blocks and canteens, we provide almost every amenity that you might need. When combined with our toilet hire, AMA provides the complete package.

Not only do we have everything you could need, but also we can get it to you quickly, easily and completely hassle-free. With next day delivery and UK-wide coverage, thanks to over 1000 depots spread throughout the country, we can provide what you need, when you need. If you aren’t yet sure what that might be, you can give our friendly staff a call to discuss your needs and get to the bottom of exactly what your site might be missing.

To find out more about our portable toilet hire and our container office space and container facilities, call today on 0845 4638 437 or fill out a contact form online. For more information on the HSE guidelines, visit

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