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Helping you with your waste management for events

Posted on by Emily Mitchell

From music festivals to circuses, corporate events to village fetes, wherever people gather, waste is produced and needs managing.

No one wants their event to be spoilt by any problems, or for their visitors’ memories marred by any easily-avoided issue. Few things will spoil an event as quickly as poor waste management, litter piled up and inadequate toilets for guests. Sadly, these issues are often overlooked, but at AMA we aim to help you through the minefield of event management.

We offer a huge range of excellent waste management solutions to meet any need or budget. From wheelie bins to skips, grab lorries and man-in-a-van site clearance options, we work to help with any problem you have. In addition to that, lots of our products are available both for rent or to buy, giving you the option to buy permanent features for recurring events.

Everything for waste management with one company

It’s easy to forget, but for any event people will need access to toilets and other facilities. Most outdoor events and building sites, and even work on your own house, will need toilet facilities brought in, as required by law, and often this will be the organiser’s responsibility. Not supplying these can lead to fines and legal problems –something no event manager wants.

Whether you need 100 toilets for a major event, 10 on a construction site or even luxury toilets for a wedding or corporate occasion, AMA can provide exactly what you need.  All of our toilets are thoroughly checked and cleaned before we provide them and are all fully compliant with health and safety regulations. We are also able to offer you toilet blocks, showers and urinals – a full solution to any needs you might have.

AMA Waste Group – The reliable choice for waste management

At AMA we try to be the most responsible and reliable company that you do business with, from our nationwide coverage and next-day delivery to our 80% recycling rates and possession of all the latest certificates and licenses.

All of our staff are experts in waste management and will be able to help you with more information on any of our products. Unsure of what you might need? No problem, just give us a call on 0845 4638 437 or complete the contact form on our website.

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